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Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies Program

Teaching Fields
Japanese Literature
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities
Ph.D. Princeton University
Research Interests
My principal field of research is Japanese literature of the Edo period (1603-1868), with a focus on the history of book publication, circulation and reception. In addition to several translations of early modern Japanese narrative fiction and poetry, I have also published articles on the works of Ueda Akinari (1734-1809), the history of amateur chaban kyōgen performance, and the development of clock-based narrative time in the popular genres of kibyōshi and sharebon (1780-1796). At present, I am writing a monograph on the history of the Daiso lending library, which operated in Nagoya between 1767 and 1899 and rose to status as the largest commercial lender in Japan.
Classes Taught in JACS Program
  • Spring Odd Years
"Early Modern Japanese Literature"
"East Asian Media Fandom"
  • Fall Odd Years
"Literature" (Liberal Arts)​
"First Year Seminar" (Liberal Arts)
"Print Culture in China and Japan" 
"Japanese Media and Popular Culture"
  • Spring Even Years
"Introduction to Studies of Culture" (Liberal Arts)
"Early Modern Japanese Culture" 
"Japanese Picture Scrolls"(MA only) 
  • Fall Even Years
"Comparative Studies of Culture" (Liberal Arts)
"Japanese Visual Culture"
"Classical Japanese Literature" 
Professional Experience
Nagoya University Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities (2011-present)
Selected Publications

Dylan McGEE


Graduate School of Humanities/School of Humanities

〒464-8601 名古屋市千種区不老町

Furōchō, Chikusa Ward, Nagoya 464-8601 Japan

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