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Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies Program

Conversation analysis, multimodality in interaction, interactional
linguistics, communication studies
Associate Professor, School of Humanities/Graduate School of Humanities
PhD (Communication Studies): University of Texas at Austin (2011)
MA (Communication): Michigan State University (2005)
BA (English Linguistics): Osaka University (2002)
Research Interests
Conversation analysis, micro-analysis of language and body in interaction, interactional linguistics
Courses Taught in JACS Program
  • Spring Odd/Even Years
"Language in Social Interaction" 
"Japanese for International Students II"
  • Fall Odd/Even Years
"Japanese Culture and Communication"​​
Professional Experience
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities, Nagoya University (2023 - present)
Lecturer (international student advisor), Nagoya University (2011 - 2023)
Selected Publications
Edited volume
  • 安井永子・杉浦秀行・高梨克也 (編)(2019)『指さしと相互行為』ひつじ書房.

Book chapters and journal articles
  • Yasui, E. (forthcoming). Sequence-initial pointing: Spotlighting what just happened as a cause of a new sequence. Discourse Studies.
  • 林 誠・安井永子 (forthcoming)「サッカー指導場面での「身体的実演」に見られるコーチと選手の相互行為」黒嶋智美・小宮友根(編)『実践の論理を描く(仮)』勁草書房.
  • Yasui, E., Sugiura, H., & Endo, T. (forthcoming). Multimodal analysis.
  • In K. Matsumoto, H. Narrog, J. C. Maher, & M. Hiramoto (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of the Japanese Language. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Yasui, E. (2022). Display of understanding in a second story: second teller's reenactments and reuses of the prior teller's resources. Text & Talk, 42.
  • Yasui, E. (2021). [A/aa ‘oh’ + demo ‘but’]–prefaced affiliative response in Japanese: Co-construction of a shared stance through opinion-negotiation. In Czerwionka, L., Showstack, R. E., &
  • Liskin-Gasparro, J. E. (Eds.), Contexts of discourse: Co-constructio pragmatics, and curricular approaches (pp. 46-67). New York: Routledge.
  • 安井永子・杉浦秀行(2019)「相互行為における指さし—ジェスチャー研究、会話分析研究による成果—」安井永子・杉浦秀行・高梨克也(編)『指さしと相互行為』,ひつじ書房.
  • 安井永子(2019)「笑いの対象に向けられる指さし—からかいにおける志向の分散と参加フレームの組織化—」安井永子・杉浦秀行・高梨克也(編)『指さしと相互行為』,ひつじ書房.
  • Yokomori, D., Yasui, E., & Hajikano, A. (2018). Registering the receipt of information with a modulated stance: A study of ne-marked other-repetitions in Japanese talk-in-interaction. Journal of Pragmatics 123, 167-191.
  • 安井永子 (2017). 発話と活動の割り込みにおける参与—話し手の振る舞い「について」の描写が割り込む事例から—片岡邦好・池田佳子・秦かおり(編)『コミュニケーションを枠づける―参与・関与の不均衡と多様性』(pp. 155-175). くろしお出版.
  • 安井永子 (2017). 直前の話し手を指さすこと—直前の発話との関連を示す資源としての指さし—, 社会言語科学 20(1), 131-145.
  • 安井永子 (2014). 語りの開始に伴う他者への指さし:多人数会話における指さしのマルチモーダル分析, 名古屋大学文学部研究論集(文学) 59, 85-99.
  • Yasui, E. (2013). Collaborative idea construction: The repetition of gestures and talk during brainstorming, Journal of Pragmatics 46(1), 157-172.
  • 安井永子 (2013). 接続詞Butの相互行為上の機能について:中断された語りの再開を指標する場合, JELS 30, 236-242.
  • Yasui, E. (2012). Assessment as a Device for Organizing a Joint Activity, Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Multimodality in Multispace Interaction, 61-69.
  • 安井永子 (2012). 接続詞「でも」の会話分析研究―悩みの語りに対する理解・共感の提示において― , 名古屋大学文学部研究論集(文学) 57, 87-100.
  • Yasui, E. (2010). Repair and language proficiency: Differences of advanced and beginning language learners in an English-Japanese conversation group, TPFLE (Texas Paper in Foreign Language Education) 14(1), 41-57.of advanced and beginning language learners in an English-Japanese conversation group, TPFLE (Texas Paper in Foreign Language Education) 14(1), 41-57.
Research Grants
科研費 学術変革領域研究(B) Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences,
Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas B
「音声会話に伴う身振りを対象としたマルチモーダル記号論の構築 (Foundation of Multimodal Semiotics
Targeting Gestures Accompanying Speech Conversation) 22H05013
Co-Investigator  (PI: Katsuya Takanashi)

科研費 基盤(C) Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences, Scientific Research C
「相互行為における日本語文法と身体動作の関わりの解明 (Multimodal analysis of the relationship
between Japanese grammar and embodiment)」21K00524
Principal Investigator

科研費 若手研究 (B) Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences, Grant-in-Aid
for Young Scientists (B)
「多人数会話における参与:傍参与者による他者発 話の再生についての相互行為研究
(Participation in multi-party interaction: Other-repetition of an
utterance and bodily conduct in interaction)」15K16737
Principal Investigator

国立国語研究所 機関拠点型基幹研究プロジェクト
Co-Investigator (PI: Tomoko Endo)

科研費 若手研究 (B) Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences, Grant-in-Aid
for Young Scientists (B)
「日常会話における一貫性の相互行為分析 (Start and restart of activities in conversation:
Conversation analysis on coherence in everyday conversation)」24720176
Principal Investigator

科研費 基盤(C) Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences, Scientific Research C
「日本語と日本手話の「発話」に含まれる統合的関係と連鎖的関係のマルチモーダル分析 Multimodal Analysis of
Simultaneity and Sequentiality in "Utterances" in Spoken Japanese and
Japanese Sign Language」21520399
Co-Investigator  (PI: Katsuya Takanashi)

Academic membership
IPrA (International Pragmatics Association)
NCA (National Communication Association)
ISGS (International Society of Gesture Studies)
ISCA (International Society for Conversation Analysis)
JASS (The Japanese Association of Sociolinguistic Sciences)
The English Linguistic Society of Japan



Graduate School of Humanities/School of Humanities

〒464-8601 名古屋市千種区不老町

Furōchō, Chikusa Ward, Nagoya 464-8601 Japan

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